Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unicorn fleece hoodie

the Unicorn is a mystical creature of hope and possibilities and who among us cannot use more hope and possibilities? LOL

My youngest greanddaughter loves Unicornes and I embroidered one for her. This particular piece of fleece drove me nuts! I washed it before hand just to make sure it would not shrink any - then I read afterwards that fleece does not shrink?????? If this is true , I wish I had known before hand Because when I took it out of the dryer it had little, hard spots all over it like when you melt a plastic bottle and it leaves those little plastic threads that fly everywhere ! This fabric had that ALL over it and I was SO mad at it because it was for my granddaughter! But I took a brush and brushed it really good and it helped a lot, but I was so miffed at it!I had never had that happen before and I pondered Why?

I ran across a site that has all kind of information on Unicornes and their legends:

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