Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This apron was for a friend's daughter that teaches drama and one of her favorite colors is black and of course her passion is theater and "her kids".
This is the package of what that pattern looks like.It really is a fun project and one that is simple enough for even Me to understand. ~smile~
This one was for my daughter-in-law and it says all things about country life.
I really liked this one in blue with critters all over it.
I liked this one too. It is for another friend's daughter - who loves Owls and has just moved into her first apartment. She really was thrilled to have a unique apron that nobody else had one like and that thrilled me.
But this one turned out to be my favorite. It is for a friend in Tenn. and she loves her kitties. I purchased the yellow fabric at a quilt shop ralley and turned around and won the blue checked fabric as a door prize. That was the second thing that I had ever won in my lifetime. LOL!

O while I was visiting around this morning I ran across this site and it has a few free patterns that you might enjoy?

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  1. Thanks for showing so many different aprons, it certainly shows how different they can look with differenct materials.
    I think I love your last one too! I was going to say the top dark one, but the bottom one is so pretty!
    I hope to find time to make some too!