Monday, September 14, 2009

Flannel lounge pants

Well, it's time to get back on those lounge pants that my family likes so much and I can't say that I blame them. Nothing better than to come in tired and dirty -take a shower - crawl into your "lounge pants" and relax with your family. "wish I had a pair that would work that kind of magic for me". lol - you know- instead of cleaning up the kitchen, making the coffee for hubby in the am????? LOl

One thing that tickled me was IF I called them PJ's - nobody would even touch them - BUT - call them lounge pants and I have even seen them wear them to town to Wally-World! LOL

Just the mention of lounge pants puts fear in my heart! They are such a challenge to me. How many times have I sewed them together all wrong and had to rip them out??? Well, let me tell you - it is more times than I have ever sewed them together right - the first time! Maybe I am just gifted in "REDO"!!!!!!!!!!!

But flannel is fun to work with - I like stroking its soft texture and dreaming that I will do a project right - Maybe?????

Another point that I have finally almost mastered is that belt. The pattern just calls for a slit and I do not like that because of the constant wear and tear on the hole so I came up with the brilliant idea to work a button hole  and I do like that much better. I am also getting better at using those "fast turn tubes" for turning the belts. I sometimes think it would be easier to cheat and just use a cord. LOL
Here is a link to a variety of opinions and uses for the fast turn tubes. 

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