Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Husband's wallet

After I showed my hubby the wallets for the grandsons, he showed me his wore out wallet that he has carried for years. I sat down and sketched out a resemblance of his wallet - leaving out a couple of slots. This was one of my first experiments working with plastic. It was a clear piece of plastic to go in the center . That was when I discovered that plastic likes to STICK to your sewing machine and your foot - since I did not have a Teflon foot! I did learn that you can insert any kind of paper between the plastic and anything it touches and it will then glide through.

We also have a friend who used to be a Awesome Bass Fisherman , but rheumatoid arthritis has stricken him down in his prim, so I chose this fish fabric to make him one too. I hate arthritis
because it cripples and destroys life!


  1. Linda..thanks so much for the blog visit and comment!! Hope you come by again!
    These wallets are the coolest!!!
    I have enjoyed looking at your blog too!!
    You are very talented!!!!

  2. What an awesome wallet! I love fish. You did an excellent job.