Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Boo-Boo for the day

This is my main project of the day - it is a laptop sleeve That I worked meticulously on. I cut out my rectangles of main fabric and then lining fabric. Then I picked a cute little buzzing insect and added Buzzing Along. I cut out my strap and turned it rightside out and then figured out how to insert the flap and the lining. After I turned the project inside out it was looking good so I added topstitching and that was when I notice my disaster!

My piece of fabric that I had used for a lining was nice and slick-so that the laptop would slide in and out easily and I thought I had it made but now that I was finished the material was disintegrating before my eyes. Both side seams just fell apart and the place where I had put the strap was already eaten away just from the pressure of the flap moving. I was absolutely heartbroken.
HUMMM? So, I guess my buzzing along - didn't buz so well. Since I had used a vinyl for my main fabric I think it would be very difficult to tear it apart and not wear out the holes from the first stitching. Shoot, O well, maybe it was not a lost cause- I sure did exercise my brain and they say that is so good for you. ~smile.

I thought I might add , just in case some of you have not visited : http://www.e-patternscentral.com/list.html?cat_id=145&source=EUIE6AH - that they have some interesting sewing patterns for sale at decent prices.I thought since Christmas is barreling down on us that we all can use inspiration.


  1. Chick, it's only a disater if you didn't learn anything from it! I'm sure you learnt SOMETHING! LOL

    As for my 'Sweet Pea' project.. it's for my 3rd Daughter for Christmas. I used to call her Sweet Pea as a baby/toddler.

    AND I did try ringing a lovely girlfriend today for a chat! But she wasn't home. Oh well... another day eh?

  2. Sorry about all the trouble you had,but we all go through situations like that.