Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to the cotton flannel lounge pants for the family.

I love learning different things about the fabric I am working with and this is a tidbit I found today:
Natural fibers:

Absorbency and porosity are common to natural fibers, making them responsive to changes in temperature and humidity and comfortable to wear in a variety of climatic conditions. Less desirable is the fact that natural fibers such as cotton have limited resiliency, so that the fabrics made from them tend to wrinkle. Cotton occurs as a relatively short fiber called staples. Before fabric can be constructed, the staples must be spun or twisted into continuous strands called yarn. The fibers are then sorted for spinning, the longer and shorter lengths are usually separated. The longer staples make the best natural fabrics (identified as combed for cottons, worsted for wools). The fibers are taken and spun into one long piece of never ending yarn which is placed on long spools, then the fibers are stretched and re-spun over and over for strength. From this process and onward the fibers are then loomed into a kind of web work that is densely woven thread by thread to create cloth.
As opposed to: Synthetic fibers, which all begin as chemical solutions, forced through tiny holes into a chemical bath or air chamber, these harden into long ropes of fiber, called filaments.

Here is one of the sites I found that has a nice variety of flannels:

But this is one of my favorite sites that I am dreaming of purchasing fabric from:

They even had a sale and offered the free shipping for an order of 35.00 and I worked hard picking out the perfect order. Then I got cold feet and decided to think on it overnight. YEA right ! By the next day when I checked - all the fabric I had picked had been sold - SO - I did learn IF you really want something it is like being at a yard sale - if you see it and want it  - you better GRAB it right then!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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