Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Going Down

I have a friend who is so gifted at making the cutest cards. I was looking for a crochet hook  the other day and ran across the one on the left that she had made me many years ago of Dear Sweet Cowboy. It almost brought me to tears so I took it and am starting to "line" one of my shelves because I enjoy her "art" . Why not have them "out" where I can enjoy them instead of tucked away out of sight?

Then I went and got my last piece of the ruffled fabric I had bought and thought I was now making my last two scarfs?????????? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The ruffles are running the WRONG direction so I do not know IF it was rolled on the bolt wrong -or IF someone cut it wrong OR IF I just did not pay close enough attention to ruffles going in another direction????????????????????? Any hoots I cannot use it as I would Never sew all of those little sections together to make 60 inches???????????????????????????????? GRRRRRR~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My next project was another "weird one" - lol Since I had lost a lot of weight my bras do not fit-much too big. They had a little too much "wear" for me to give them away or sell them so I decided to "try" to make them usefull. The beige one I took the serger to and cut straight across the cup . It left some holes in it so I had to take it back to the sewing machine to fix the holes and cut the scrapes .

So instead of worry about cutting holes in the fabric I took the sewing machine to the white one and then took scissors and trimmed off the excess taking the cups from size C to size A. Yea, disappointed to lose my boobs , but I keep telling myself that I now had the body of a young teen. LOL  Why do we always lose weight in our boos first????????????????????????????????

Then I throwed caution to the wind and decided to start another shirt project. The fabric is thermal and soft so I decided to attempt to pull off a man's shirt for my daughter's partner, Tim who is always helping me . I really love this young man and hope he is a keeper. ~smile~   I picked a design that only used ONE THREAD. But when I started it up - of course the machine broke the thread and decided it did not want to play - so I said HECK , I am going to find a Name brand thread . It  was a Mettler Brand that I picked and the machine took right off and sewed perfectly UNTILL it broke a needle????? But , I cleaned that up and it completed the simple design. But I just ran out of time  because I had fixed a bean soup and after some other chores Crystal and Tim and I ate bean soup and cornbread. I got a good laugh because I told the kids that the potatoes in the soup were sweet potatoes. Time laughed and said that I sure did hav a way of getting him to eat foods that he hated - so he ate two bowels of the soup. LOL 

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  1. hA HA! I would love to lose me boobs! The soup must have been lovely for Tim to have seconds.