Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oct. 11, 2016

They go by so fast I thought it might help to remind myself what day it really is???

One of my sweet little girls - Cocoa- decided to come out and see what all of this new stuff was going on in her home early in the morning???

This will be one of my new morning chores now that the cold weather is moving in . So, getting this to::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This will be my new routine. I will be so grateful when my sore back decided to co-operate -but the warm heat feels soooooooooooooooooooooo Divine!

While Miss Cocoa kept an eye out I went out and carried in two more loads of wood, which I had to use the electric log splitter to do the job. Then my tires went flat on my little log dollie and I had to pump up the tires.  Then I picked up lots of kinling from the yard where the tree limbs had fallen. Now they go to good use.

Next I set out to move the flowers from the front porch down to where my vehicle was sitting to take 3 of the big ones to a friend who is going to baby sit them for me this winter. This is the lime tree. It is several years of age and has at times had baby limes on it in the Spring time.  I have enjoyed watching it grow and wished I lived where I could plant it outdoors.

This little booger really growed this summer. It is a naval orange tree and it is almost as tall as I am? Plus, when I went to try to carry it -the thorns on this baby were BIG. I spent an  hour just cutting them off as they were way too dangerous to leave on and see my friend get hurt. I sure do hope that I got all of them???? I had to lay this one down on its side and prop it up in the car.

The third one was this beautiful variegated plant. I do not know its name but a dear friend gave it to me many years ago and she has passed away now -so I talk to the plant and tell her how much I love both of them. This plant will be beautiful in my friend's living room . She has the perfect window and the same color scheme. I think it will be very happy there and hopefully enrich my friend's live with its beauty.

I finally got them all down to the car but first I had to load up the car with trash and take it down to the road. I picked up the mail while I was down there and then went and gathered a dozen of nice eggs for my neighbor. She will be surprised this week as there are two blue eggs in with the big brown ones.

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