Sunday, October 16, 2016

Having fun is hard work when you are in pain

I thought I would update you with  pictures of Miss Callie's progress. She looks quiet beautiful from the outside , doesn't she? She loves to be outdoors and wants to be with me every step I take out the door.

This is the scar where they had to sew her up the second time around and that little white spot above the line is where the rebar poked out the top of her body.

This long scar on her tummy is where they had to open her up where the rebar went in and follow the path through her body to flush out her long hair that got trapped along the path it followed. I can still hardly believe it happened and that she lived through it . It was hard to watch her heal through it . But she is certainly a survivor after being dumped in the country to starve to death -finding her in a snowstorm where she was a bone yard and too weak to jump through the snow-drifts. She was definitely at the end of her path when fate brought us together. So, my dumped on me cat is now my 600.00 cat. Yea, I still want to strangle whoever did this !

My friend, Charlie asked me to go to a country dinner this afternoon sponsored by a man that he was in business with for many years with a tree farm. If I had not been in so much pain it would have been exceptionally nice. Both George and his wife Sharon were having their birthdays and invited their families and friends and co-workers . The had cooked a pig in the ground and it was all served out doors. The weather was perfect and they even had music. The food was brought in by everybody and it was absolutely delicious. I chowed down on ALL of the salads and had one of the best biscuits I had ever placed in my mouth. Charlie's grandson went with us -he is around 12 and slender as a rail but he managed to enjoy 3 plate fulls. He is a very sweet young man and his passion is tractors. He drives his Pawpaw Charlie's tractor all over their hillside and really loves it. At this stage of his life he dreams of having his own mowing business and he has the gumption to do it. I keep nagging him that an education will help him too and he politely listens. lol

There were lots of cute little kids there and it was amazing to watch them all together interacting. Seeing them at my age was very interesting -watching all the generations interact. Life is definitely a puzzle -filled with all kinds of little and big pieces of our time spent here to combine to make a picture of our life. I was just in so much pain I did not belong there-but - I did get my tummy full and it was a real treat to eat somebody elses' home cooking and there were definitely some Wonderful cooks there. ~smile~


  1. That cat looks a lot like our cat, BTK. (pronounced Bee TeeKee)

  2. Great to see your cat getting better..
    Sounds like you had a lovely outing...

  3. Your cat is one lucky cat to live through all that!