Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tues, Oct. 25 - sometimes I can hardly believe how fast they go

We are almost through the month of October - time really does wait on NOBODY. I got to work indoors most of the day. I ran across a lady making ham/cheese soup and she used lots of celery and onions and broccoli and cheese and some potato flakes to thicken it and it looked so good so I made a pot in the crockpot too. It smelled really good in the brisk Autumn air and even Crystal and Tim ate some for supper.

Then my friend Charlie's stove went out and he is in bad health -not eating good-so I wanted to Make for sure that he had a way to cook his oatmeal and heat the soups I share with him. So, I rambled around on the internet until I found a used stove and Tim and I went to get it this afternoon.

Thank goodness for a young , strong back and a generous,kind heart. The lady said she had just bought all new stainless steel appliances and that the movers had broken the handle on the stove when they moved it. So Tim and her hubby loaded it up on Tim's truck.

Tim got it all tied down and we headed for home as it was getting dark on us. I called Charlie and told him Tim would bring it in the morning and he was as tickled as tickled can be. Friends just cannot let friends do without. That is just the way it is. I wish I had the money to just buy him a  new one but as long as this one works and Charlie is happy with it -then life is good.

I came home and started on a new Christmas present. This is just a peek??? ~smile~ And HO-HO-HO!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How kind of you all to organise a stove for your friend Charlie.

  2. My daughters bought me a used stove similar on Craig's list for $50. My 1960 stove insert had died, and I was and still am so thankful for someone getting rid of this one! :) A friend in need is a friend in deed!