Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday -shirt

This is another piece of the beautiful fabric that Lynne shared with me. I remember seeing these fabrics at some of the quilt shops as I drooled over them but could not afford them as they averaged twelve dollars a yard.  So, I would usually purchase one yard of a piece and then use that for small projects. I have an apron from one and a check book cover. I love them dearly. So, it is no telling what this one might transform into.

I did manage to pull off another thermal shirt-so I have another Christmas gift to mark off of my list.

I was really counting my blessings as I actually was able to Locate the design -download it to my Embird program - resize it and then transfer it to my flash drive and into the embroidery machine and then actually locate it it in there. That was quiet a feat for my brain and I am quiet pleased. So, I would say my Guardian Angels were definitely looking out for me today. ~smile~

1 comment:

  1. Lovely Kitty fabric, lovely friend to share it with you..
    Nice things worked out for you sew you could make the shirt.