Friday, October 28, 2016

Lovely Day

I started off my morning after chores by busting up some firewood. Tim had already cut this , I just needed to bust it into smaller pieces . Then I got all excited because Lynne was coming by to pick me up after work for some fabric fun.

I definitely have one of the greatest friends in the whole world. She had purchased an entire supply of a lady who had passed away -from her sewing room. AND - she shared these wonderful treasures with me.

This wonderful lady must have loved cats and I kept wishing I could ask her what her plans were for these beautiful items?

I was much worse than any kid in a candy store.

I was so overwhelmed with the pure joy of what was being shared with me and so very grateful.

I better take a break - I have got to run out and feed the donkey his supper and put up a couple of chickens that I put out today and it is getting dark on me. I just Never have enough time!

What do you guys put fancy buttons on instead of just shirts?

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