Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday - gone already

I got up this morning and trotted up to feed Yukon - he was not there at the moment so I went to dump his food in his pan and it was still full?????? This is very weird as he is always about to run you over to get his food?????

I trotted down to the barn and he is in there and looks fine? So I split some wood on the little buster and then let the chickens out and open the door on the building for the others to have fresh air and go get read for my counselor appointment. I realize I have not had any pelvic pain since we started this so if this is what it takes - then so be it.

While I am there I get my pneumonia shot too. I leave there and go to Southern States to get my critter foods for the month. The poor little car is really loaded and kinda does the squat.  I treat myself by stopping by the little Thrift store that I love so much and get a new 2.00 long sleeve tee shirt and a little play hut for one of the great-granddaughters.

I stop at the Dollar General Market and they have oranges - Yea! AS long as I have oranges then my tummy is so much happier. They prevent indigestion and upset tummies for me.  They even have small bags of sweet potatoes for 2.00! I have not seen them have that before and I have read how any potato that has color is better for you . I keep trying to feed my eyeballs right!

Still working on those little socks for the granddaughters too.

Crystal and Tim left as soon as Crystal got off from work and headed to W.Va. to stay the night with Tim's mother for his  grandmother's funeral tomorrow.  The weather here is quiet beautiful - I wish it could be like this all Winter long-then I would not Whine about the cold. ~smile~

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