Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Weds. Doctor visit and Peppers

This morning I was up bright and early getting ready for my doctor visit. The visit went well, I am very tickled with my lady doctor . She is very smart and compassionate and she showed me the test results . I had some wonderful results such as my sugar was wonderful -considering a few years ago
I was well on my way to being a diabetic! I did not want that and I made drastic life changes so I would not have to take that road.

My cholesterol was also excellent - not like in my younger days -so that too make me happy to see all my hard choices were right for me.

But, I was right about my thyroid being out of whack-so we have started me back on thyroid meds and I go back in 6 weeks to see how the meds are working

Then I ran several errands -watching the time because I knew I would be running out of energy-one of the signs of my thyroid. One errand was funny because I had to go to Walmart to pick up my prescription because when I was forced to take a drug insurance provider - Walmart is the one source that they use. So I decided to get a battery for my watch which had just started to run down. I dreaded asking because I have learned if they do not want to wait on you -they will just say they do not do that-so you need to have the good luck of running into one who will do her job.

I got really lucky and the lady was very professional and got my battery in in no time. Then I showed her how when I had bought my watch that the gal would not adjust the links for me and how it just twirled around my arm and was getting scratched up because it was never where it was suppose to be. Well, this lady was very talented and took pity on me and she took it and took the links out of it to fit me and now my watch stays where it is placed!!!!!!!!!! How wonderful was that! I am so very grateful for the people out there who do their job-they are wonderful people

I also learned a very sad fact today -that over the weekend -Saturday to be exact , a young lady went to the Radford Bridge and jumped to her death. They said she was in her thirties and had tried this once before but got caught and sent to a hospital -but this time was successful. It was very sad.

I had to stop and get gas and it was very low from all the running I had done trying to get the parts for fixing the bathroom plumbing. It is still not fixed but we have decided to just get a new faucet .

I finally made it home and pulled up all of the bell pepper plants in the garden . This was my basket of them. I got them all washed and seeded and cut up ready to stuff them but discovered one of my ingredients was very much out of date and I was afraid to use it- a few years out of date is a little bit too much for me to risk getting sick over???? Now it is late and my energy has hit bottom so I will have to figure it out tomorrow?????

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