Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thurs, Oct. 20-16

Amazing how fast time just flies by -here another week has almost disappeared from sight and use. It has been a difficult week dealing with lots of pain but also a productive week as I have managed a few more Christmas gifts along the way and learned a few more lessons while attempting to do these things. I believe each new day we tackle we learn something new -if not about our projects -then about ourselves as we attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle we call Life in order. Some days they just do not seem to want to fit , no matter how we twist or rearrange them-so we move on to another day and hope to gain more insight ???

Little Miss Cocoa did not quiet know what to think when I captured a almost cute picture with one of her expressions while we were outdoors enjoying this BEAUTIUL day. What I could not see- I surely could smell and hear . There are a few birds still hanging out and the remnant of tired flowers still add colors that I love...


I went back to work on the shirts with the fabric that I had almost given up on? It is a two way stretch and every time I attempted to embroidery something on it -the machine would eat the fabric. I had finally put the machine up and given up. But Lynne reminded me to try a topper and I did and it worked , Better -but not perfect - so I then changed out for a new needle . Things went better so I came up with a plan. As I tested a design - IF a thread broke - I would not use that thread anymore - I ONLY would use a thread that did not break. I decided to Only do one simple design and not press my luck, as I did not not to be tossing another shirt in the trash?

The fabric is also very challenging for me to work with , since it has SO much stretch I had to be very careful not to tug at it as I sewed or it would put more stitches or even puckers in one tiny spot than it would in the next ??? Also putting a hem in it was a matter of being very careful because even if I breathed too hard and pulled on a space of hem it would change the number of stitches along the way and you could tell it. It is a size 4X and I wanted all of the seams to look as evenly spaced as possible for the best look possible .

But on the pro side it is very soft fabric and I am hoping that makes it very comfortable to wear.

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