Saturday, October 8, 2016

Success and Temporary Defeat.

What an end of a week. We have had Lots of Rain , I think from the hurricane Matthew . But I got off to a little later start this morning because I kinda overslept a little bit from Miss Callie learning how to escape her screen door three times last night???

I finally drug out about 10 am to do chores and the critters were not too impressed with me.This is one of the colored egg layers who presented me with her first egg. I cannot decide if it is pale blue or green , as it is very pale. I hope they get a little more color to them as they get older.

While I was doing chores Tim got his truck hung up in the mud and could not make it through the gate so I went to help. I carried several bags of rocks up to the mud heap and placed them under his tires to find some traction.-but it was a work in progress. Crystal showed up and she too placed rocks and then a big strap with a rachet that she put to a tree to keep him from sliding in the wrong direction until we could get him through the gate. finally - free at last.

I told him not to be upset that everything happens for a reason . So, I considered that a success as he was free and nobody got hurt and nothing got broken! Yea. A good adventure.

I then went back to attempting to nail one wall back on the little hen house as it had popped off. I had got 3 nails in it and was plum tuckered out . That wood was soooooo hard it was a real battle getting a nail in and my poor eyesight was not helping as I had banged my finger once already. Crystal showed up as she had heard the banging and she managed to get 3 more nails in and the wall was back on. Now no coon could sneak in for a chicken dinner.

Crystal and Tim left and I found a bite to eat and then tore everything out from under the bathroom sink. I was smart enough to put a container under the sink to catch the water and I got the trap loose and boy was it stopped up! But , when I went to put it back together I discovered that the top pipe had broken off inside of the other pipe. I worked for hours trying to get it out-but NO  SUCCESS. So , here it is midnight and I am pooped and that pipe has me whipped. I do not know what to do???????  I am giving up on it tonight and hoping to come up with a bright idea tomorrow??????? Like,call my older son ????? He would help but I hate to bother him as he is always working. He was up under his trailer today installing a new gas pipe line to a new tankless water-heater and he was whipped too.

We are getting some wind now from the hurricane and I am hoping it does not get too wild.


  1. Lol...A sleep in hey? Oh boy, they put you out of whack but we really need to have them from time to time. It's good for the body and the soul. You are so lucky to have your feathered girls, I am sad we had to rehome our chooks. The hurricane must've been awful to live through and I hope all is well now.

    So glad you managed to get the truck out of the mud and hope Tim survived the crisis too. Drats about the pipe being broken. Fingers crossed that the wind goes away.

  2. Oh Linda, You have the greatest adventures and keep going! I am glad the chickens will be okay now! Hard wood is miserable! Crystal is so sweet to help you!!!
    Plumbing not something I've ever done. My girls do though. A few times they had to give up and call a plumber in~ Once, the plumber made such a huge mess, my daughter thought she might be sorry she called him in, because she had to do a lot of the finish work herself, to get it finished. Not a fun job~
    I'm been away for a few weeks, and missed your blogs. I'll get caught up!

  3. I love this top picture of your Lady Chicken~