Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Week Up and Running

Another beautiful day so I am trying to take advantage of it and got one of my chicken cages cleaned out and carried the litter to the garden to put on one of my raised beds. To my Total surprise - ALL of my chard plants were GONE! I stood there and scratched my head for a good minute and then got down and looked real good and found a couple of stalks and that was it. Gone - Poof - vanished. There was signs of my mulch being scattered about-but every speck of my chard was gone. All of the other greens were there ! I did find some foot prints in one of my raised beds where I had a few beet plants coming up but they did not look like deer as there was no pointy toes - just a deep round print. I know there was something out there last night as the dogs were beside themselves and having fits , so I got kinda scared and locked the doggie door -just to make sure something I did not want to visit would not come in????Sooooooooooooooooo - Something really was out there. I wish I had one of those wildlife cams-that would be great to satisfy my curiosity.

After I got the critters taken care of I busted some more wood and carried it in the house -since I might not want to poke my nose out the door during the night ?????
Then I carried a long piece of bamboo pole to a gap in the fence in the yard where the deer like to pop in. I had placed a cord across there and of course they had broken it -so I will see if this bamboo does the trick.

I fixed some sweet potato fries in the oven for lunch and then worked on another Christmas gift for some of the little girl toddlers.

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