Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Week Coming On

I get so miffed at my silly camera - I tried all of the settings and could not get this shirt to come out black with red trim????????  POOH! This is the first men's shirt I have made in four years now and probably will be in the last running considering the trouble I am having with my eyes. Black was always hard for me to see but it was a challenge for sure today .

I was pretty disgusted as I used a size medium men's pattern and I kept thinking , Boy that looks big as I put the pieces together?????  I even took very large seams for me and it still turned out much bigger than a medium. I was wanting it as a Christmas gift for Tim -Crystal's partner ????? But I think it is going to be too large ??? So, I have asked him to come down for a favor ???? that way I can get him to try it on and if it is too large and he does not know anybody it will fit I will send it to the Goodwill or Thrift shop,

Good News as I was typing he showed up and tried it on and he said it fit that he did not like his clothes to fit so tight. It looked good on him - YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All that work was not wasted .

I fixed another pot of that bean soup but this time I followed the recipe and added the tomatoes and baking soda. Crystal and I ate them and we both liked the other version yesterday where I did not put in the tomatoes. I had caught a can of peaches on sale for one dollar when I went to town with them yesterday so I made us a peach cobbler - one of those that makes it own crust and it was very good.

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