Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday - stuffed peppers and sewing guild

Last night was our Sewing Guild meeting -the one we have where we have an annual dinner as a fundraiser. One of the members families cooked the entire dinner this time. Lynne picked me up and we  got a two hour head start?????

Would you believe we got tangled up in a car accident on interstate and missed the dinner? Well, everybody had already gone upstairs except the family doing the clean up and they went ahead and fed us and then we sneaked into the meeting. We had not missed a lot -mainly business stuff -but our main program was put on by one of our recent members and she did an Excellent job on discussing simple , comfortable ways to dress with accessories to Jazz your outfit up  She really loved what you could do with scarves. One was what she called a poncho scarf which was a rectangle of fabric folded in the center. Then one end you sewed a side halfway up leaving a space for your head. That way the scarf would not come undone or blow off in the wind and you just draped it anyway you flung it. lol

One I found interesting was where she took a store bought scarf-cut it in two-inserted a section of beads between the two sections and added a simple tassel. then a tassel on both end pieces . You placed the beads on your chest and draped the scarf UP over your shoulders and around your neck bringing the tasseled ends back Down to where the beads were. It was very pretty.

As the big finale -she brought these little kits and we each made a pendant necklace to accent a outfit. I was madly in love with mine.

I got Tim to start my chainsaw and cut enough logs to split and fill my little bugger and tote in the house. That was hard because my back is just killing me - it will not let up and I am beginning to wonder if it really is the fibromyalgia OR if it could be my gallbladder acting up again???? I need to do another flush to see? Darn it - I hate to do those things.

I made another batch of stuffed peppers. I thought I was being slick by using Manwich in these -but they did not turn out so good. But, I will not waste them - they can feed me this winter. I wish I had more fish and used that instead.

I picked some beans and shelled them from the garden and cut some chard that i am working on. But my back is just hurting so bad I cannot think and really want to cry.


  1. Heavenly Father, I ask for healing for Linda's back or whatever is causing her this terrible pain~ She is so faithful to you LORD, and I pray for her now to be relieved of this suffering~ In Jesus Name, Amen~

    Just hope you feel better now, and the Guild sounded like a nice time~ Have a good day~

  2. I'm sad knowing that your back is giving you so much pain. Perhaps you should try to DO LESS physical work? Get your son to help you more girl! What is Manwich, and Chard?