Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Flowers and Wood Weds.

It was a very busy day and I am one whipped pup.

I started out experimenting with a video that I had seen online .You take all of your junk mail -which I had just ran out of because I did this yesterday too. So, I bummed some paper from my daughter and ripped it into smaller pieces because I learned if you leave it too long it likes to wrap around your tool that you mix it with.

Next you pour in water and allow it to soak until soft.  

While it was soaking I decided to divide up my snake plant -not only because it was sooooooo over crowded but because I had read this is one plant that you should have where you sleep because it continues to release oxygen at night  while you sleep and it cleans the air and I appreciate it because it is almost indestructible which I need,

I ended up with 3 of them and also repotted my spider plant that had outgrown its summer pot and sent roots into the ground. Very industrious little plant this year. They are also excellent to clean the air.

As I passed by the side of the house I stirred that paper mixture and added a couple handfulls of sawdust to the mix. Next I took it out of the bucket of water and sat that bucket with the holes in it on the ground. Next I sat the bucket with the water in it on top of the mixture to stain the water out. I will let it sit until tomorrow.

Then I moved on to working with my small wood pile .

Since my back gives out when I try to bust the wood with an axe I am lucky enough to have a small electric buster - BUT- the only problem is that the wood is too long to fit on the machine????

So I drag out my chainsaw that I have not used in a year and attempt to get it started so I can cut the wood down to size. I yank and yank and yank until my back screams at me to STOP!  

I trot back down to the house and open the door to the porch and dread this next job of cleaning it all out so I can work on dragging the flower shelf back inside  from where the flowers have vacationed outdoors all summer long.

I drag everything out and wash the window and then take a metal brush to the shelf . I had dusted the flowers trying to rid them of bugs but I found several spiders that I had to evict . Next I go get the water hose and spray everybody down and then Tim arrives home.(daughter's boyfriend) I have his driveway blocked with the wood pile and run up to ask him if he will start the chainsaw for me. Bless his sweet heart -he does and we work together for the next hour until dark. He cuts the logs down to size for me and I bust them and pile them up in the little stove room for right now, where they will be out of the weather and I can figure out how to place them down at the house. Crystal comes home and busts herself some kindling for their fire too. Now, I am good and pooped. 

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  1. You have to be the hardest worker I know!!!
    So glad you have Tim to help you with wood cutting!