Friday, October 21, 2016

Doesn't pay to get too confident

I started on another shirt project today as the weather turned colder -from 60 to 49 with the winds whipping. Brrr. So I headed to the sewing room again to tackle another shirt project. I got my fabric in my hoop and was trying to decide on the One color that it needed. I do not know how the threads manage to tangle themselves up in a plastic container but they sure did so as I pulled each one out and checked it against the fabric I decided I Had to contain them someway?

This was one way - it is that sticky stuff that the doctors wrap on you to hold on a piece of gauze-except mine was for one of my dogs that has the no chew stuff on it. Bitter -yes! But it is so old that you cannot even smell it now . Plus, I know it will not last very long.

This is an Excellent choice - you take long rubber tubes or hoses that you get from the home supply store and cut them to size to go around your threads . These Last a LONG time and since these are clear you can see the color of threads that you have . I really like these but I ran out of money -of course. lol

I put down my test piece of fabric and picked a color and let it go - well it took off just great and did about 1/3 of the design so I thought -it will be fine!!!!!!!! Famous last words I believe.

I put the shirt fabric on the hoop with the same stabilizer and topper and same thread and let it go. It went JUST beyond where I had gone and throwed a fit. GRRRRRR! Even tore a hole - the harder I tried to sweet talk it -the bigger mess it made. I was SO miffed at it-remembering that was why I had put the embroidery machine up to start with. I got tired of it ruining projects.

I had taken the machine apart several times and could  not figure out Why in the world it would mess up so far in with the same thread, stabilizer, topper, new needle ???? So I got desperate and since I was using a variegated thread I took it off and substituted a solid color and skipped a few stitches and it took right off . I let it run a while before I switched back to the variegated so it could complete it and still flow . It worked ! I was so darn grateful but that took All day long after the fight and the sewing and then having to remove that topper. I did sneak in a brief period of time to search for another design for another project - I guess I am just a glutton for punishment??????

I know all of you can remember Miss Rosie the sewing cat who has been my sewing room guardian for all these years . She still loves her sewing room -but all of my sewing gift precipitants take it for granted that there will always be white cat hair included - compliments of Rosie.

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