Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Yesterday I was just soo busy - did chores and then Crystal and Tim came down and completed the plumbing job in the bathroom. Now I have water to the sink and no leaks.

A friend gave me this pumpkin so I sliced , peeled and dices enough of it to make a big pot of pumpkin soup. After they left at dark it took me two more hours to complete the job. Pumpkins are just so darn hard for me to cut with not much strength in my hands. But I got 3 bags full to put in the freezer.

But then today I was finally Gifted some time to work on my Christmas sewing. I had seen this scarf project back in the Summer and I actually kept up with the idea until now. I had gone to Jo-Ann's to purchase some of this ruffled fabric and they told me they did not have any.  But in my snooping around I found two pieces and this blue is one of them. I discovered that when they cut it they just fly through it not watching what they are doing and when you try to cut a level strip of a certain width - they see-sawing costs you width of fabric. ?????

You cut a width of fabric 10 inches and cut between the layers of ruffles. Then fold right sides together -making sure to not catch your ruffles in this side seam.

I had my pincushion that a friend had made me to help hold the ends of the two pieces together as I attempted to sew them in the little circle they created. It was kinda challenging . But I got lucky.

They said you could wear these scarves a variety of ways . This is one.

You can double it around your neck. I think I like these infinity scarves as I do not have to worry about they blowing off or hanging loose and getting hung in something.

If you loop it three times around your neck I do not think any wind will get down your neck.

This was my very first "selfie" - lol -  I had enough fabric to make one more but it ended up being 12 inches as I did not want to waste any of the fabric.

Now I have another piece a different color- I am anxious to see how that one turns out??????

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