Friday, October 7, 2016

Rain From Hurricane Matthew Friday

Yes, Rain, Rain and Lots of Rain -even though Matthew is no where near us . But it is a monster storm they say that is battering Florida's east coast and it has killed 330 people in Haiti. My heart goes out to them -it must be beyond what your heart can bear to live through something like that.

I did manage to get my shelf for my flowers back in my pantry so these guys are getting ready for their long Winter existence.  This is what my dear husband built this little 4feet by 9 feet room on for me -to be able to save  my plants .

My daughter and her boyfriend took me to Lowes to pick up this Screendoor . I got a kick out of the sales lady laughing at buying a screen door now that Winter is almost here. I explained to her that it was for a cat and a bedroom! The idea is working pretty good too. During the daytime Callie is locked in her bedroom and at night -then in the afternoon I let Callie out of her bedroom to socialize and play.

Miss Rosie and Gabby are learning that they can have some daytime and nighttime peace and enjoy the free roam of the house and then they hide and watch Callie when she is allowed out. IF she goes after one of the other gals I just lock her back up . I think she might start to get the idea? At least I am  hoping they might all mellow with time. I think it is a good sign that Gabby has been in the house the whole time that the new door arrived and she had been hiding out with my daughter in her "Tiny House". With the screen door the heat can flow between the rooms too. I am very happy about that. We will see how this experiment works out? Time will tell.

I did get the peppers from one of my pepper plants today and chopped them all up and put in the freezer. I have a few more to pull and see how many there are. I was leaving them on the plants hoping they would go ahead and change colors but I guess the cooler temperatures are stopping that now. I did not think I was going to have any peppers for the longest time and then all of a sudden in the late summer they started to come on. But, I will be grateful for what ever there are.

I wish I knew of a good vegetarian recipe for stuffed peppers. I always made them for my DH with burger or fish but now I would like something different for me.

They are calling for this rain all day tomorrow too, but I will have to be out in it. Maybe I can catch it in between spells??

I am attempting to make some yogurt so I better get back to it before I mess it up.

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  1. The best stuffed pepper recipe I know for vegetarians is to use rice filling with tomatoes, spices and maybe some other vegetables like onions and grated carrots in the rices.