Monday, October 10, 2016

New week already?

I was at Lowes bright and early this morning before there was hardly any people in the store. I liked that and I grabbed two different faucet heads and took off for home. I stopped on the way at the store that has my cat food and it was closed. I had to laugh that I was THAT early. lol

I texted my daughter and told her that I had the faucets and she could come test them out when they got up. This was her project - it was way over my head. Then I ran around doing all the morning chores .

I was tearing paper for my next paper log when Crystal and Tim came down the hill. They checked it out and said neither one of them would work and they had to go to town so they would take it back and hopefully get the right parts?????

While they were gone I pulled more logs from my dwindling supply and busted them with the log splitter. Then I carried them to the house and found an old tote and put it in the house and filled it with enough logs to last the night -I hope. I have forgotten quiet how to guage it. At least it is not That cold right now and the wind is not whipping. That always makes a difference.

I checked the paper logs I have been making and none of them have dried yet. So, I carried the first two of them in the house and placed them under the stove to cure that way. Then I carried several bags of the busted up concrete from the chimney Up the hill to the muddy spot where the vehicles like to get stuck in. I am hoping that will help. But, my back gave out on the last sack full and I hope to do it tomorrow.

I went to the garden and picked some of the peppers to work on and some of the chard for my green smoothie. I fixed a late lunch and gave my furbabies all a bath and trimmed their toenails-which they ALWAYS HaTE. So, that is always UNENJOYABLE for all of us.

Then Crystal and Tim arrived back home and they went to putting the faucet back together. It wanted to work except for ONE LITTLE PART!!!!!!!!!!!! OF course there always has to be a fly in the buttermilk somewhere.

So, they went back to town and got another part and -still -there was a problem. While they were gone I went back to the garden with my flashlight and grabbed the last of the medium size peppers and brought them in and cleaned them up and sliced them for an experimental recipe that a friend shared with me that is vegetarian. It is a nice mixture and it smells good- so I have high hopes. I have them in baking right now and then I will freeze them for my winter lunch . I will enjoy them with baked beans. There are a few more small peppers that I will grab hopefully tomorrow because it is time for our first frost any time now. I am grateful it is holding off.

I am enjoying a first time Chia Banana Smoothie. It is interesting. It took half cup of water and made the chia tea -then half cup of milk-one banana - some cinnamon and ginger and tad of honey and some ice cubes-whirl in the blender and it is interesting. I am tired and my back is complaining from carrying the cinder block pieces and maybe the wood . I am hoping to get it built up! But, the wood heat SURE DOES FEEL SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~Big Smile~

I am so grateful for so many things. My health to get outdoors and do things, my family who helps me - my critters that all healthy and loving.

My sweet -hope one of these days to be my son-in-law tip toed in last night at 10:30 and caught me snoozing in the chair. He had cooked a pizza on top of their wood stove and brought it down to share with me.Now how sweet was that!  I slept good from a full tummy and happy thoughts . Going to be with a smile on is always a good thing.

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