Sunday, October 9, 2016

Success and Failure AGAIN.

Well, after being stuck last night it turned out I had to ask for help and Tim had to cut the pipe from the sink as it was too badly rusted together to be able to unscrew. Then I went to town and got all the parts and came back and was able to put it all back together. I was about to be very pleased that I did not have to bother them again?????? So, I turned the water on and watched for leaks -NO LEAKS- yes I was about ready to do the "happy dance" -

That was when I discovered that the faucet supply line was now pouring water. So, at least now I know how everything under the sink was getting wet.

 Adding to my fear of driving - I now had to make a Second trip back to town to get the supple line. OF Course they did not have the proper one since I had bought this about ten years ago -so the man suggested I try this kit with the adapters?

Needless to say it would not fit the faucet head now????????????????????? My daughter tells me to go back to Lowes and either get another sprayer to fit the line or another line to fit the old faucet? Well, I already know they do not have the supply line to fit the old faucet so that leaves me with trying to get a faucet that will fit the new line??

By this time I really just want to sit down and have a good cry. I had my heart set on getting that bathroom fixed by tonight -but it is not.  If I cannot get a faucet that will work then I will have to buy a whole new faucet outfit?GRRRRRR!  My eyes just want to give me so much trouble driving. I keep praying there will be a way to fix them too.

I also worked on bringing in some more of my jungle. I told my plants that I thought they had put on some weight this summer . But then my back is just killing me from all the bending and twisting and being upside down and right side up under the sink. At least that is Half finished.

I really love this little darling.

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