Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weds. Scarf lesson for me

No matter how much I seem to hustle it always takes me two hours to do the outside chores. I was hurrying and as I was almost finished -still complaining with my back -then my hip went out???? GRRRR!  Pain, Pain, Pain - but I will not be deterred. This was another piece of that ruffled fabric that I had found in Jo-Ann's when the girl had told me they did not have any.

I was anxious to see how these would turn out so I divided the piece right down the center , knowing I would have to trim off each side where the girls do all of that crocked cutting from the bolt -thus costing you a good inch on each scarf's width. As I had laid the ruffles apart to cut between them I noticed these ruffles were almost melted flat to the fabric instead of being ruffly.I was disgusted so I gave up and carried them into the living room to the tv where I could get off my feet and painstakingly run my fingers down each row and fight to free them up - all 60 inches of them.

Finally , it took a while but I managed to pull off another scarf. These are almost some kind of silver.

I really do like them because they are so nice and lightweight and soft around your neck-no scratchy-scratchy with these guys!

Then I got sick at my tummy and my sewing adventures came to a close -but it was a sweet treat to get two more Christmas presents made. Yea!

Right now our weather is so BEAUTIFUL and due to be so tomorrow also -but Friday changes it with rain and colder temps. YUCK!

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  1. It's a lovely scarf, you did well. Your weekend is going to be cold and wet, ours is supposed to be fine and warm!