Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Can You Believe That November is Here

I am enjoying drooling over the fabric that Lynne shared with me. Something that I treasure this much I always take the time to just Enjoy. To me they are works of art and I wish I could have peeked over the shoulder of the artist who created them. Wouldn't that be so much fun.

I got out early and got right on the chores. It was SO Foggy this morning you could hardly see very far in front of you. I cleaned out one of my bird runs and moved the little diamond quail into the house . I then moved one group of 5 black and white D u'ccles into that run and cleaned out their run and Finally moved my family of fantail pigeons into there . Now they have plenty of room to stretch their wings.

Then I brought the car up and unloaded 600 pounds of critter feeds that went in all different directions. I was plum POOPED when I finished. So, I took my shower, fixed some sweet potato fries in the oven with some honey and mustard mixed up to dip them in and settled into my chair to watch a show and relax my poor whipped back.

Crystal and Tim arrived home so they asked me to show them what had been going on in my garden and I was pleased to get another opinion. Tim said yep-it was a young bear. ?????????????????????? I had NEVER thought about Fencing a Bear out of my garden before?????? HUMMMM????????????

Another Christmas present completed. I am going to have to start wrapping these things so I will know what all I have completed and what else I need to do -pretty soon.

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