Sunday, April 17, 2016

Discouraging Day

I was even too discouraged to even take a picture. I took my little chickens out to help "mow" the weeds in the garden as I worked. I was determined to work on those wild roses that had taken over a section. I Hated to get rid of them but they had got to where they would not even bloom for some reason.

I tied one section of my rope to the stalk and double wrapped it like a friend had told me to do. Then I tied it to the car and gave a little tug. A piece of rope came flying over top of the car. I stopped and checked it out and the darn rope had broke. I was so miffed because I thought I had purchased a rope strong enough to just pull roses up????

It took me a good half hour to finally get the mess straightened out and untied . This time I Doubled the rope and tried again and had better luck. I drug the section down the driveway out of my way. I discovered the patch was Much bigger than I had imagined. It was hard dirty work as I dug trenches around the base of the plants and tied the rope to them and yanked them separately .

Hours passed and then I got tired and of course that is when you make mistakes? I had yanked one out and got back in the car and backed it up to free up the rope to tie another one. I got out and headed through the gate only to realize that the car was now drifting right straight at me . SHOOT!
I ran as fast as I could and yanked the door and threw myself inside , but it was too late to save my little archway over top of my gate that supported a little vine. CRUNCH was a sickening sound. But I got it stopped before it did any more damage.

There was a nice scratch across the top of the back of the car where the back door opens. I was SO Dishearted , but grateful that I had not been hurt so I guess this is day two that my Heavenly Father has protected me from serious harm.

So, I just pulled the car up a little distance and put the rope in the car for tomorrow . I am only halfway through anyway and my energy was just plum GONE.

I was still "smarting" anyway from the fact that the local coyote had got another one of my chickens so I did not even let that group out today.

Then my pups felt as bad as I did too and that did not lift my spirits at all. So, today has just been one of those days that is a "bump" in the road. It will make me appreciate the next good day even more. ~smile~

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