Monday, April 4, 2016

I managed to get a little bit accomplished today

My morning started off with this project - a little doggie bed I had purchased at Harbor Freight not noticing that it was almost flat as a fritter until I watched my pups check it out and then decide it was no good. SOOOOOOOOo

I had actually purchased a regular pillow at Christmas time for 2.00 to make them a bed and I now ripped it open and went to stuffing. It was cheaper this way than buying a bag of stuffing.

Ok, so from the white regular pillow -now into the circle of the doggie bed.

It actually took the whole pillow and now - well that looks more like a doggie bed, although the so called pillow in the center will have to eventually have some more stuffing too. It did not take long before Blondie had actually gave her paw of approval to it now. lol
My eyes actually worked pretty decent while ripping out and then resewing this project. I have been being very consistent with my homeopathy pills and the essential oils and all of my vitamins and also my diet. Each morning it is a green smoothie - trying to get the greens into me that my macular needs.

Then I headed out doors and spotted a new bloomer on my way to do all the chickens.

OF COURSE I also saw what was left of my clothesline and my cleaning laundry-all down on the ground , thanks to this horrendous Wind -which is suppose to have stopped , but it has not.
I must have been good and slow because it took me two hours to do all the critter chores and I was already hurting. Then I realized it was time for my supplement for the fibromyalgia! If I forget about it - I Pay the price, so I went to the house and took the Fibro-Ease tincture. Now I will be able to continue my work.

This was the screw in hook that the wind had yanked out of the tree with my clothesline! GRRR. I had to go get the ladder and the hammer and pliers and a metal rod. I climbed the ladder -noticing I only had a SMALL area for my ladder because this was on a hillside. ( I hate hillsides) I beat and beat and beat with the hammer and then I would attempt to screw the hook in. Then  I would repeat the process for what seemed like an eternity and after about half and hour I got it to grab hold and I then attempted to screw it into the tree.

Now If I were a man - I am sure it might not be such a problem, but with not much strength in my hands I was fighting what seemed to be a losing battle because I had to hold it straight in and try to turn it at the same time. I tried turning it with the pliers but they were not long enough to give me any torque. Then I got the rod and slipped it inside the hook and held it in there while I put all my strength into holding it in place and turning it at the same time.

Another eternity and many cut places on my hands and finally I got it into the tree. Then there was this little extension thing that DH had found for me that you put it on now and then turn it and it tightens up the line. YEA! Now I have a clothesline Once again! Whew!

This little beauty was keeping me company while I was attempting this project so I had some inspiration to keep me going.

I went around to the front of the house to start on that Apple Tree project and low and behold - What Do My Eyes behold??????????????????? Just one of my worst fears !!!! These little guys do not belong in my flowers - they belong in one of the little corrals -which that wenched wind has flipped upside down????/ O NO!  Will I be able to catch any of them? They were the first ones I had started with and got all of  my different colors from? I knew I could not run them down . So I went and got their little carrier that I carry them all outdoors in. I sat down with it open beside me and they got curious . One started in and let me pick her up and I put her back in the corral. Then the second one. But then the others decided to head off away from me. I placed the carrier beside the corral and went around it and kinda herded them right into it.  Thank you SWEET JESUS. My babies were safe once again.I placed them back in the corral and then placed a heavy 8foot long board on top of it . STUPID WIND - will it  never calm down???? It would feel really good this Summer. Well shoot , at this rate it would blow my flowers off the front porch -so I better remember this????????????????

Now back to that apple tree project.This is the tool that I wrecked my finances for this month after I tore my hand up trying to cut the limbs with that other hand pruner saw. I am hoping this will work better and I won't kill myself off with it.

I took it out of the box and read all the directions ???????Nobody had bothered to tell me that it needs OIL before I can use it????????????? Since it is electric I never dreamed of that ? So, now I will have to make a trip to town for that - 30sae or 10 sae?? Then it also calls for a disposable oil gun to oil the blade?????? You would know when you get low on money there is always something you could not have planned for in the works?

I am beginning to wonder IF I will ever get this apple tree project accomplished as it is starting to put out leaves. I HAVE to do it because it dropps all the apples in  my pond and I am trying to overcome this problem and keep my tree at the same time.

So, I put everything up and went in the house and took my shower and fixed my supper and watched a program. Then I suddenly noticed that it was getting Black outside????? It was not calling for any rain today -so I ran to the computer and checked the current weather forcast which is now calling for a thunderstorm??????????? I go tearing off like a banshee and start scooping chickens up from all of the corrals. I think they seem to know a storm is in the works as they actually co-operate and practically jump in the carrier, while raindrops are pelting me on the back.

Finally everybody is back in their clean runs and I can head to the house. Whew- now - just Go Ahead and Rain! lol  I am BUSHED.

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