Saturday, April 16, 2016

Well, I'm Tired No Matter What Day It IS

Well, after all of the morning chores were done I decided This was to be the PROJECT. It was a "little ground cover" that had taken over my entire flower bed???????????????????????????????????

It was stuck in the cinder block border so tight it was Major War to get it out of them.

OF Course you know I Had to get myself in trouble.  Someone had tossed this old piece of wood with a LONG nail still in it - into my flower bed and the ground cover had hidden it from my sight , so of course I stepped right on it. I like to Never got out of my shoe.

You can tell that it was a Major Miracle that I was not hurt bad. The last time I did this years ago when I was young I did it and my foot swelled up so big and turned all kinds of colors and I was so Scared and in So Much Pain that I did not think I could stand it. This time God protected me and I only have a scratch between two toes where it went in. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO Grateful to  be spared weeks of more Pain.

It took me a couple of hours of digging and yanking but I finally got it all out. The roots were unbelieveable - a ten inch block under each plant. They were like a solid wall all the way to the side of the house. It would have been an excellent place for a snake to take cover in a short while. I carried those buckets of chicken dirt down that I had cleaned from my walk way-but I will have to do that again as they have scratched it out AGAIN.

One of my beauties that was blooming behind me as I worked-making the jog more enjoyable to see something so pretty.

This is a new color that is blooming. Isn't Mother Nature so Wonderful.

Then I ran in and out of the house a few times planting seeds in 4 of the gallon jugs I found hidden in that mess. The seeds have been doing good in the milk jugs and now I am smarter and have put all of them in two dog kennels so that raccoon cannot get ahold of them to tear them up. Darn Critter.

I moved a few more daylillies and I carried one big house plant from the house. It is a smll palm tree and it has really suffered in the dark house all Winter long- along side me and the pups. I trimmed the vine that is in the base of the pot and am hoping it will recoup. We are calling for pretty weather here for the next week. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now my wagon is full (yes, there is a wagon under there ) I am too tired to attempt to move it, plus my back is complaining -same ole whimpy back! lol

This is my chicken potholder for today and I am right pleased with it.

This is how the hot pad and the potholder look together as a set. Not too bad are they?


  1. Oh those rotten nails!!!! I hope you aren't in too much pain with it anymore. I've done that years ago and I remember the pain. Ouchhhh. I love those bricks you've used in the garden, those ones come in so handy. Your garden is looking groovy too. We are just getting the courage to go back into our gardens here in Aussie because it's slowly cooling down. I know you've just come into your new season, so enjoy and I hope you feel better.
    Hugs, Anita.

  2. Sew pleased you didn't hurt yourself to did a great job cleaning the garden bed..