Monday, April 18, 2016

A Little Bit of Energy

I had enough energy to take all the chickens outdoors this morning . I need those little "lawn mowers" working hard since my mower has got so weak - I have to stretch its ability. ~smile

After I did that I have been working in the house . I was amazed how far behind I had got. When you have No Energy is guess you just do not have the energy to even notice what you need.

Casper got a new roost from that apple tree that I had pruned . He was so funny at first . He would not even attempt to step on it. He hates anything new or different in his apartment. lol

He started doing his own "pruning" of it to make it his own while I was running indoors and outdoors hanging up laundry. I did a few loads for me and a few loads for the pups. I noticed I struggled outdoors when I went out and then noticed the loads were a little lighter bringing them in. lol How silly to not notice your laundry is lighter when it is dryer. LOL

I completed another chicken potholder as I was resting my back , only to decide that I Hated this one when it was finished. That really gives you a sick feeling when you have put valuable time into something and then are not satisfied with it????????????

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