Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Somedays Just One Step At A Time

O NO - I was awakened this morning by little miss innocent this morning -bright and early as she brought in a little bird and let it loose to "toy" with it and barreled across me. I knew exactly what was going on as I grabbed for her tail as she leaped into the flowers in the window to re-capture her prize. There was a struggle between us as we both were determined, but I finally won out and carted her off to the bedroom and locked her in . I hurried back into the living room to the bird in the window only to find Gabby had crawled up in the window to check out all the commotion. I scooted her off and went for the bird-finally latching onto it. I carried it in the bathroom and shut us in to make for sure I could find no blood anywhere so I carried it to the front door and out onto the porch. I was pondering I should release it on the little shelf just in case I had missed something when the little darling latched onto my finger with her beak. lol  Of course they cannot hurt you and when I opened my hands she was Gone in a flash. Just like she had never been there -except for the tail feathers in my living room floor????

As I headed back inside I happened to glance down on the ground and notice it was covered in little birds in the early morning mist. I wondered if that was why she had been so easy for Callie to capture her prize??

So she begged and I ignored her pleas through the close door all of the day. I really hated to, but how in the world do you teach a cat who was forced to live on her own through the winter time to Not capture wild food?????  I cannot keep her in the house because she knows how to operate the doggie door and the pups really need their doggie door??????  If, If, If, If?????

I haven't put my bird feeder back up since the storm took it down about ten days ago -mainly because I do not want to lure the birds in for cat food?? And, it will not be too long before my favorite bird of all - the little humming birds that I have been feeding for years now -show up ???????????????????? Why has everything got to be so complicated???

For lunch I took the butter beans from yesterday and turned them into butter bean soup and it was very good. But, since I had not been eating beans regularly for a while now - they really gassed me up? WHeW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Gabby decided to hang out with me while I ate and watched a program. My pups were feeling rotten this morning but I finally got their meds down them. After I ate I eased out doors and did my chores , but I felt so rotten I did not even put the chickens out in the sunshine. I did attempt to pull those weeds I spoke of yesterday but they were stronger than I was today and I gave up on that.

I did accomplish digging up a five gallon bucket full of daylillies and moving them behind the critter house on the hill I am trying to cover up-so I won't have to worry about mowing eventually, since I have so much trouble even standing up on that hill.

That was it- all the strength I had left so I gave up and came in the house for a supper of baked fries and fishsticks. I just feel so darn rotten - as do the pups . They would not even follow me outdoors at all today?

I spent the rest of the afternoon attempting to downsize that monster chicken to a more manageable size potholder and finally pulled it off??  But, I am just so tired. Where has my energy and creativity gone to? That is probably what my precious pups are wondering too- I hate for all of us to feel so rotten.

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