Thursday, April 21, 2016


There are some beautiful creations in my Father's world and I always appreciate the opportunity to enjoy them. This would be one of the tulips my daughter got me two years ago. I don't think it even bloomed last year. Guess it had to make me wait to appreciate it even more.

I told my little chickens that today would be their last day out until Sat. as it is actually calling for rain tonight and thunderstorms tomorrow.  So they worked hard on the weeds in their little corrals today while I worked in the garden too.

I was down to those last 3 trees to get out of that spot where I had got rid of the wild rosebushes. I dug trenches around them and tied my rope to the base of the first one and to the car and gently eased off and my car came to a stop. I gave it a little gas and eased it out of the ground.

So, I moved on to the second one and when I eased off the car came to a dead stop, so I put her in four wheel drive and with the extra pull that dumb thing came out of the ground and FLEW through the air for 50feet and landed on my windshield. Scared the jeepers out of me and made me so grateful not to have a broken window.  Now how in the world that happened I cannot explain??????????????? Another one of those weird things that only happen to ME.  Made me very jittery about doing that last tree, but it was much smaller and came out like it should !  So I took my maddox and dug all around digging up the clumps of grass and weeds and then took the rake and raked it up pretty good. It might be the place I will put the tomato plants as they say not to plant them where you planted them the year before . That will be a couple of weeks so this will give the weeds time to re-sprout and  hack them down again before I plant them. Maybe this year I can get some tomatoes as I only got 7 quart jars last Summer as aphids took over the plants and each day I sprayed and squished and did everything I could think of -only to lose the battle as they sucked the life out of the plants. Everybody else I talked to did not even know aphids would attack a tomato plant???? Leave it to me?

My little Munchkin running away from me. I wish I knew a pet psychic who could tell me what they are going through.

I got my little lime tree moved out of the house today -it will appreciate that.

I also got the two little orange trees moved out too, since it is calling for rain tonight and tomorrow I am hoping it will give them a good healthy bath that they all 3 need. I discovered that after the mealy bugs ate my coleuses that they thought they had to have something else so they had moved onto the citrus trees but finding their leaves Very Dense they were not having the same luck as they did when they finally killed my coleuses . I had put many hours of work into taking the swabs and alcohol to them but they still won the battle. I was so dishearten.

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