Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Almost Gone

These beauties are almost gone. They have been such a joy. But they make me think of my eyesight now-almost gone. That is what put me in such a fluk.

I started the day off good as I did all the morning chores . I even got the cabbage plants and the oregano planted and more weeds evicted. I got the soon to be lovely tickseed planted.

I had my tag-a-long supervisor along with me.

This lovely is the only one in the bed that is a different color. She definitely stands out.

See how lovely her delicate blossoms are? They are a thing of beauty for sure.

But then I went in the house and that was when it hit me how much trouble my eyes were giving me. Hard to see on the computer - no fun at all to try to read- the tv program was the only thing that it seems you can lose yourself in and not notice . I do not know if that is because you lose yourself in the story and forget-maybe.

Then the depression hit - I was so torn between anger and sadness and terror. I want to rage against this monster who is stealing my sight and also my passion for everything that I want to do. Then I want to just break down and ball at the thought of losing my independence. I know there are other Americans who are going through this very same thing and I wish I could fix it for them and me both. We have lived our lives and raised our families and now it boils down to this? All of the medical miracles they can pull off every day and there is No Help for macular degeneration? How can that be?

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