Friday, April 22, 2016


yep, it is Really raining today. This will be wonderful for our bone dry earth. I found myself stalling around and told myself that I Had to go to town to get a couple of cans of some kind of miracle dog food to see about getting the pups pills down them But my eyes were giving me problems and I did not want to go. Still I gathered up my courage and said my prayers and headed out. Town is not far away - about 7 miles and there is a new place in town that just opened selling dog and cat foods.

I made it half way until I came to the river and I broke down and was crying. I fussed at my husband that he should be here as he was always the one who loved to drive. I pulled over and had a little "pity party" and it felt like he reached down and squeezed my hands. It was very calming and enabled me to  "get a grip" and go on.

The man at the new store was very nice and as I explained my problem to him about my pups not wanting to eat I started to cry. I Apologized to him profusely. Dumb tears, I don't know where they are coming from but he helped me find some things to try.

I did try one of the new canned foods tonight for their meds and they did accept it and the meds went down. I am so very grateful. We talked about the dry foods and he said it would be just like comparing kids and what they liked. That they were all different and no guarantees. I appreciated his honesty. I took one bag that he said he had got good reviews on but so far -not much luck with that.

I decided to treat myself since I had made it to town and the Goodwill was only a skip and a hop away. Low and behold I found a small bag of doll clothes and they fit the American Dolls that I have been attempting to work on for the Sewing Guild. There is no restriction on the clothes -you can make them or purchase them and I thought if they were messed up I might still use them for patterns.

Looking around was between enjoyment and misery. Sometimes my eyes would try to co-operate and sometimes it was pure misery. 

I did find a pack of pop-sickle sticks and that pleased me as I can now use them to mark the seeds I have planted. I always plant them and then forget over time.  always makes me so darn mad at myself.

Losing your privilege to even go shopping by yourself sounds like a very bleak future to me?

While I was there it came a Really big downpour that lasted about half an hour and I was glad I was still shopping. 

I think the doll clothes are really cute and will add them to my collection. I will probably wash and iron them closer to Christmas.
I then went on to the Dollar Tree and got a pack of fly stickies because I had such good luck with them last year in the chicken building. 
I also grabbed a dollar cat collar with a little bell on it. I jingled all of them searching for the one with the loudest sound.

Then I came home and let Miss Callie out of the bedroom and placed the collar on her. So far for the rest of the day No More captured birds???? I am hoping this will  give the birds a head start - it never hurts to hope?????

Last Winter I had ran across this simple little cross-stitch pattern and thought how cute it was. SOOOOOOOOO

I turned it into this and hated it. It looked like a big footed wabbit with a long tail to me. So back to the drawing board and came out with this?

Ok, not bad but still my curiosity was up???

So, I used this technique next and now I cannot decide which one I prefer. I gave up and stitched them together for a kitty potholder for Christmas???? lol  At least they do not look like a "wabbit" now.  

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