Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Sheezzzzzzzzz- me and the smallest of my pups have just felt whipped today. I kept hoping it would just GO AWAY-it normally gets better as we move around , but today was not to be like that. Everything Hurt and I was so tired I could barely put one foot in front of the other. Mocha did not even try that much - she stayed in her bed the entire day and now she is hiding from me because I went to check on her??  It STINKS.

Especially since there are beautiful things that need to be appreciated.

I would not have these beautiful treasure if not for my lovely daughter who purchased them for me two years ago and they have brought me so much joy and appreciation for her gifts.

I did decide to tackle one project. The chickens in this kennel were SOMEHOW burying my walk way path beside the kennel. I cannot afford to lose my path because it was because of it that I was able to use that snow shovel so easily this past Winter. Plus, I worked very hard installing it and had always wanted one there so I could walk on something beside Mud. I cannot for the life of me figure out how the chickens are on the Inside of the kennel and the dirt ends up on the Outside of the kennel??????????????????????????????

Well, it took a while but I now have my walk way back. I was just too tired by the time I finished to haul off the removed soil, plus I could not figure out where I wanted it. I thought I wanted it in the garden but that seemed like it was miles away. lol  It is hard when you have to do Everything by hand and no way to move things except by my little wagon and buckets. If DH were alive he would let me fill up the bigger wagon and use his four wheeler to move things. I miss his help so much.

This is a job I considered. It is a flower bed beside the house that has been taken over by some ground cover. I considered pulling them all out and then adding my chicken soil/fertilizer here and I probably will eventually, just not today. I am just without any mo-jo????

I did end up planting some flower seeds in some more of those milk jugs since they have been doing decent-so I am hoping for starts for Summer flowers ???

I gave up and came on in and worked on another crochet chicken potholder. I used a cotton yarn this time and was plum disgusted because it came out the same size as the previous chicken did.

The yarn did not change the size at all and I was hopeful it would???

I do think I did better on the face and head feathers this time.

I still wish they could be a wee bit smaller?? They might be alright for a Large size man's hand -just too big for the average size gals hand and I am dissatisfied with that???? I even went down to a smaller size hook. I am considering changing the size of the starting chain to see how that would affect one. I am torn between complete disappointment and curiosity.

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