Saturday, April 9, 2016


It was below freezing last night and the wind was so bad I thought it would blow the house off the hill. Brrrr. It kept waking me up from the gusts we were having so I had fretful sleep.

I felt rotten this morning so I was slow going . I had ordered some supplements for a friend and I wanted to get them delivered today.  We went to a little thrift store and I found a nice pair of shoes for 2.00. I am very happy with them. They are very soft and very light weight which Mr. Fibromyalgia appreciates.

It is calling for bitter cold tonight so I ran to the garden and cut a nice pile of the winter spinach to have for my morning smoothies. I was amazed at how good it looked after last night -but I am very grateful to have it.

I gathered all of the eggs so they would not freeze tonight and gave everybody fresh water. Miss Callie is having a ball - (the dropped kitty) . She has captured another mouse in the house and is throwing it all over the house . (It was beyond saving when I saw it) She had got one out of the closet last night .

This was my project for the day. She is suppose to be a little crochet chicken potholder , but she really is a BIG potholder???? I had a pattern for the basic body , but had to come up with my own for her beak and wings and topknot. If she just was not so large? I am thinking of trying one in a cotton yarn and see how that would turn out?????? This will be for a friend for a birthday gift in July. I am trying to stay ahead of the game this year , as long as the eyeballs can pull it off.

I ran across a recipe for a combination tea - eyewash that some Native Americans used for eyes.Two of them have arrived but I have to wait till next week for the rest of them.

Well, I have to try to get the pups heart meds down them for the night . Hope you have had a wonderful day.

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