Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thurs. Cold and Windy

I got a late start this morning because I just could not go to sleep last night. I do not know what was wrong. My eyeballs just did not want to close and my brain just did not want to turn off. So it was almost 4AM before I got any shut-eye and of course that always makes me feel Terrible, plus depressed. It is like wasting your day. So I decided to go with a slow start while I pondered the ideas.

Then I decided I would experiment with another doll dress for the Guild.  This one came out a little bit better than the first one but I am still not happy with it. I need to make a note that the back seam in the skirt part needs to be bigger than the top part so it will close up better. Note to Self.

That metallic fabric is very pretty on the dolls and even fun to work with. I added a bead tot he top part but it worries me if it is safe for children? I do not think these dolls are for tots , so it should be and I did use heavy duty carpet thread to attach it??? Seems like there is always something to worry about when you do something like this for others??????

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