Monday, April 11, 2016

Got one job accomplished

I put my ladies and gentlemen out while I worked so they could do some mowing and fertilizing.

This was the weapon of choice. I actually got it together with no help from the wind which kept trying to blow my directions away as I worked. I got it all hooked up and did a couple of practice cuts on tiny branches and the chain jumped off. So, of course I knew I did not get it on tight enough. Back to the drawing broad.

This is the intended victim. It has got way out of control and it fills the pond with apples so I lose apples and also I cannot have fish in the pond until I figure out the problem. I just do not want to give up my tree. I worked hard to protect this tree and it is a miracle it has survived.

This is the pond , which is the victim of the apples. That net you see stretched across it is the project I erected last Fall, trying to save my apples and it worked -kind - of , until the weight of the apples stretched it down into the water and I could not figure out how to reach the apples, even with my pole.

Yes, it really does have a bran new - Sharp chain on it - so I do not want to cut ME.

I fought my way Up the ladder , through the branches and learned lessons about how you carry a 10foot long pole saw up a ladder with you, without getting hung in the branches. Then you have to get it Up in the air and at an angle you can aim at a branch. I was pretty desperate because I am scared of heights.

pretty good for a little girl that once climbed a tree when her cousin Dared her-only to find I could not get down the tree and his Daddy had to climb the tree to save me. lol

I kept getting them down on the ground and then had to saw them in pieces so I could pull them from the pond or even from the tree. It was a big mess and I got quiet tired -clumbing up and down -up and down -up and down . lol

This was one that I got stuck sideways across the very Top of the tree. I had to climb to the top of the ladder and then inch myself up to a branch and hoist myself up high enough to bring the saw and cut it in pieces and then cut it loose from the jungle of limbs. I kept getting sawdust in my eyes  as I tried to balance and manage the saw and the parts as they rained down on me. Of course then I had to pull and turn and wage war to get some of them from the canopy.

The picture is blurry but I did manage to get most of the branches lopped off almost even with the pond  and the tree is much thinner now so the sunlight can

My supervisor came around to see if the wind had blowed me out of the tree and to check out my pile of tree limbs which was now taller than I am. I wanted to try to burn them but the wind was much too strong.

You can tell it is getting dark on me as I carry my chickens from their corrals to the building , but I had to snap this funny little tulip picture. This was after two nights of below freezing weather. I think he looks like he is  smiling. lol

This was the group picture as I headed to the house. I planted some lettuce in one raised bed that the chickens had just cleaned up for me -and hopefully fertilized also. lol  I also planted the small batch of poppy seeds that I had left in one of my milk jugs. It is suppose to pour down rain tomorrow so that will be a good thing. The wind has been a big pain in the rear end today and the weather said it was only to suppose to be a breeze. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now it has the doggie door standing wide open so the wind is back and I am trying to make another batch of homemade Greek Yogurt from the milk I got discounted the other day.

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