Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday already?

My little shy Bandit , hiding his face as I come out the door this morning.

Mocha was not too happy with me trying to sneak up on her to get a picture as she lay in the grass. She just feels too bad to do much of anything. I know how she feels and it breaks my heart.

I just had to share this funny picture of Miss Hen. she is sitting on a little shelf that used to belong to the parakeets . It is very small and she was scratching around so hard that she had the entire wall wobbling all over the place. It was very funny and then she gave me This look when I opened the door to snap the picture.

I wanted to put them out, but they were calling for the chance of dangerous thunderstorms . The wind would lay one minute and then whip up out of the blue and I was afraid it would blow over their little corrals, so I did not risk it.

This was a new tulip blooming and I just love it. ( Hum? have I ever met a flower I did not love ??? Maybe not??? lol)

I passed this one up on my way to the car to take a carton of eggs down to my neighbor. Then I came back and watered all of my seeds. Some of them are doing good and it will not be long before they can get planted.

Spring is really here and it is the most wonderful feeling to be outdoors with a warm breeze on your skin. Also sleep is better since I am not freezing to death now. It is hard to sleep when you are cold. I am Soooooooo grateful that Spring is here.

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