Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Don't Have Sense Enough To Quit

Some of my little "chicken mowers" are out in the shade today as I work outdoors.

Another group of them has been hard at work in the garden for me. That dirt spot is what they cleared for me yesterday. That is where I hope my cucumbers will go.

All this spot has been where I have been working to remove the wildrose bushes. They had formed one huge rambling matt. I got scared after the car got away from me and today I just started digging . I thought I was going to dig trenches around the base of the plants but the ground was so dry that it let me dig up the last 20 or so. I REALLY wanted to keep one , so I am letting the one on the fence there stay for right now. I will remind myself to keep it pruned if I really do keep it.  I just got side tracked like most of us do. I put the blue tarp down to help bake the weeds for the next couple of weeks before it will be safe enough to plant as our last frost date is May 15.

There are 3 trees there that I cannot dig up so I have dug trenches around them and will try my luck at hooking the car to them and yanking them out????

It is very hard to see it but I got this section of my deer netting fence back up where the weeds had torn it down for me.

From this post on the left to one up there on the right will be where I now need to add a section of deer fence.

This is what is left of my Winter patch of  Winter Kale. It did not do as good as a row of  just regular Curly Kale that I ate on all Winter long but I am grateful for it . It will last long enough for some new . I am trying something called Dinosaur kale . I have planted the seeds and am waiting for them to come up. They are suppose to like Summer heat , so we will see.

This is a patch of "Walking Onions" that made it through the Winter . I am amazed. The Winter was bad enough, but that soil if Bone Dry and they are still hanging in there. I really do love plants that hang in there with you.

HUM???? CAn you see those big foot prints. They are padding through my small patch of WATERMELON radishes.Maybe Mr. Raccoon or Mr. Opossum????  These two beds I built by myself last year. I cut the logs and hauled them down by myself. I call them my log cabin beds and it really made me appreciate the pioneers.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is Hard Work. I wish I could have more of them but I do not have my daughter at home now to haul in dirt for me. The raised beds are SO Much Easier to work with.

This is one of my little strawberry beds. Last year I did not even get enough to make one whole bowl full but it was a treat to have a small handful each day when I went to work there. I LOVE homegrown strawberries.

The plants are bigger on this side of the bed and it has been a nightmare keeping the weeds out. It Really is WAR.

This is my Fancy Dancy homemade composter. Boy have we learned some lessons and even though they have been hard lessons I really do love this thing. It has created Black Gold.

Another patch of the Walking Onions . These are in the ground and they got their Weeding today too. I do not know what that weed is but it is a monster. It runs on the ground and forms a solid MAT both on top of the ground and also the roots under the ground . So, I have to get down on my hands and knees where I can see the base and rip them all out. I looked around and the stupid things are not growing outside of the garden but for some reason have TAKEN over inside the garden and when you grab a handful of them the little seeds just explode everywhere , so you know you are in for my fun later down the road???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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