Sunday, April 3, 2016

Well, there are advantages to days inside.

We had a terrible windstorm with wind gusts up to 60mph all last night and early this morning so I decided to stay close indoors away from flying limbs.

For some reason I jumped back on that hunters cowl that had been plaguing me for the past two weeks, maybe three - I have lost count on the times I have ripped it out?????

But, for some reason my eyes decided to "play better" today and I actually got it right. It took all day long almost but I finally got my act together . It is meant to be worn around the neck , without all the hassle of trying to keep a scarf in place.

It was definitely the Hardest Easy project I have ever tackled? LOL  Me and that slip stitch just did not see eye to eye for quiet a while and for a bit I thought I was going to be defeated-but I guess that last RIP was my lucky move and this time it fell into place.

I really want it for a Christmas gift for my neighbor who pushes the snow from my driveway. I know he could be spending that time with his family. I always see his poor frozen neck and it breaks my heart. I don't think he would wear a scarf because they can get loose from you and be a danger around the tractor he drives and this will not pose that problem.

Now that it is made the thought crossed my mind I should make me one too as my scarf is ALWAYS coming loose and flapping around where it is not wanted ????  But, after all the grief it gave me -????? I Just Don't Know?????? LOL

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