Saturday, April 30, 2016

End Of The Week

Cali is ready to go this morning. It is dark and cloudy but says no rain until this afternoon. I hope they are right this time???

Yukonk is waiting for his breakfast this beautiful morning.

miss Gabby is out too. She and Cali cannot seem to get along at all. Sometimes they lay and just star each other down when they have nothing else better to do?????

This is one pair of the pigeons as I start to feed.

This pair are antiques - they are 16 years old and still beautiful - to me.

This run has the pigeons that I am the most amazed with.

They have the nickname of "Laughing Pigeons" and it is because they have a very unique call.

Matter of fact they sound a whole lot like me when I laugh or maybe I sound a whole lot like them?

They are also called Arabian Trumpeters and I love them.

I intended to clean out two runs today but one group of the chickens had pulled so much of their scratch out into their bedding that I did not want to waste their food, so I decided to only do the one run and complete my row of strawberries. Now, if they have their facts right I should not have to worry about "Weeding " this row for 2 more years??? I will just have to wait and see-If I am still kicking???????/ ~smile

I pulled this big ole weed out of one of my raised beds -didn't want it taking over.

Look at the roots on that fat hog- it took a fourth of my compost out with it??????

I got the area around my blueberry bush weeded and papers and fresh mulch put down. It has little blooms all over it. I really need the blueberries for my eyes and I have had the absolute Worst luck trying to have them. For the past Years I have planted them - only to have something happen to them -usually related to other human beings ! Last year a friend drove over one -then the deer did pull up several of them - one year a neighbor's cattle came around and pulled them up and kept running down the driveway with them in their mouth???? Wonder if he had blueberry milk that night??? LOL

Look at that pretty bed of Winter kale??? I wouldn't call it Winter Kale because the first sign of cold weather it just bit the dust , but now that Spring is here it has rebounded so I can still have the kale in the smoothies for my eyes until that Dinosaur Kale takes off that I have planted and then the Marabal Spinach also. O, also some Rainbow Chard. That stuff is so beautiful. I do have a gap in that deer fence that I still need to fix but I need a couple more metal fence posts and my eyes have not been so great so I have not risked driving this week. Maybe next week????? ~smile~

The weather men must have got it right this time as I got all of my work accomplished and the chicks out and back in before I came in the house. Yea!

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  1. Hallo Linda and how lovely to meet you, what a varied and interesting blog you have, I love it and I loved your kind words on mine to read some more xxx