Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Coming Down

Getting my little ladies out to work in the garden this morning since it is calling for a beautiful day .

This is the section of strawberry plants that I intend to work on before it gets away from me. I have found a reasonable place to get sawdust shavings and have been using that in the chickens runs at night. The reading I have been doing says that you should not use that unless you want to kill off weeds because it takes all the nitrogen from the soil to decompose it. Since the chicken manure is high in nitrogen I think it will make it behave itself , plus I do want it to keep the weeds killed here.

Well, I can see this is one of those live and learn days. I had tried to work without my glasses but the sun if REALLY too bright with the macular degeneration and cataracts so I will have to do something was what I was thinking when along the wind came and kept blowing the protection I had away. I think I am spending all my time chasing my hat. lol

This was yesterday's trash from sorting through some recipes. I Almost tossed them in the trash and then I thought maybe I could use them to mulch with?? Soooo glad I considered that idea.

I know it does not look like much at this stage of the game but I have plopped down on my rump to catch my breath. I have carried down two big loads of shavings from two of the chicken runs and it is starting to take shape. One man I read about said that his paper mulch actually lasted for 3 years. That would be a very nice time to not have to fight with weeds?????

                                               I do not know what to think of this?????

Or This???????????? Cute as a button , they are . I planted them here last year and the little boogers never growed. I did not think they would ever make it through the Winter???? They are so tiny - you can see the blooms are not much bigger than my thumb nail????  Poor little things are so wilted - it is just Bone Dry here . So much for all that rain they called for??????? I am thinking about pulling the water hose down already but they are still calling for some more rain over the weekend, so I am trying to hold off.

O my gosh - about scared myself to death - I was digging weeds and almost chopped down this asparagus ??????????????? He stood right up there like a snake trying to get my attention. Silly thing - it was hidden by some horseradish plants that I was chopping. lol

Would you believe this bed I planted full of lettuce???? Right -every single plant in here is lambsquarter??? Most consider it a weed , but it is a Spring green. I even canned it one year in a combination of other greens. I could let it go ahead and grow and put it in my smoothies and have some free food that is suppose to be really good for you.

Seasonal Eats: 5 Ways to Enjoy Lambs Quarters

A Bunch of Lambs Quarters from the Highland Park Farmers' Market (Heather Parlato/LAist)
Lambs quarters (sometimes seen as one word, lambsquarters) is a wild edible leafy green that usually appears in farmers' markets in early spring, but with the exceptionally temperate winter we've had in Southern California, many spring greens are arriving early. It's a good substitute for spinach or chard without the oxalic bite and a great substitution or supplement to either in any recipes you find. Lambs quarters adds a soft, toothy crunch to salads, and can easily be blended into smoothies for a great source of vitamins.
Belonging to the chenopodium family, commonly called goosefoot, it's most closely related to seeded plants like spinach and quinoa. Allergic people, take heed, goosefoot pollen is a weed allergen common to many people in the cause of hay fever, so take a small taste before having a meal if you're not sure. Mildly anti-inflammatory with a glycemic load of 1, it's are a good source of Niacin, Folate, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Roboflavin, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Potassium, Copper and Manganese.
5 ways to enjoy lambs quarters
Lambsquarters Breakfast Ramekin -- pack a punch of green vitamins when you sauté lambsquarters and bake them up with an egg for breakfast.
Lambsquarters & Peach Green Smoothie -- if you're a fan of green smoothies, this article has a simple healthy preparation for you at the bottom of the page.
Lambsquarters salad -- this salad has the fresh, bright flavors of lemon, cilantro and garlic.
Lambsquarter sauté -- treat lambsquarters as a sauté green and enjoy it with onions, lemon juice and sesame seeds.
Lambsquarters and Beans -- this hearty recipe is great for a side dish in the cooler months of late-Winter / early-Spring.

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