Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Accupuncture day

I totally adore African Violets -but it is a real fight for me to keep them. For years I had them and then one day I brought home what I thought was a dehydrated one , which turned out to be sick and it cost me all of my precious plants.Hard lesson.

Then last year I ordered Leaves from Ebay and started with them. They all started out perfect and I was thrilled. They rooted and started growing but I ran into trouble when I transplanted them. I moved them into small , four inch pots like they recommended but not long after they looked like them were rotten? I did not have them too wet either?I was mystified and broken hearted . I blamed it on bad soil and then I wondered if they might have got too cold - like I did all Winter long????

I do not know but it really killed me to lose as many of them as I did after working so hard with them. My girlfriend told me I should just forget all about them and only grow something that does not give me any problems -thus no stress.Hum???? Maybe a good plan , since that is what she does -but my heart still LOVES the African Violets and I want to be able to grow them like others do. So, right now I have a few that have survived and I will enjoy them while I can. I did not realize it would take a YEAR to finally get to see them bloom -but you know they say, "good things come to those who wait" ! ~smile

I went to my acupuncture treatment today and was grateful to be able to have it. I told her I would have to cancel the rest of the month because of my finances and only do one Tues. a month for the next 3 months. I am hoping this will not work against my eyes as the acupuncture is what saved my eyes from the light sensitivity, which had blinded me?  I will just have to continue with my other therapies one day at a time and put it in God's hands.

It is cold here today so I got my pups some dog meat and came home and fixed my last serving of chili beans which I had boo-booed on when I had picked up a can of tomatoes to go in it , not noticing they were fire roasted and had jalapeno peppers in them.I am not one who enjoys hot food,, but I was not going to waste my food.

I HATE this cold weather we are having -I am told this will kill off Many of the fruits this year. That will be very bad. It is suppose to be down below freezing on Sat. night . YUCK.

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  1. I can't grow any plants very well at all~ I didn't know you could have sick plants that could affect others like that. I know trees get things that kill them~

    Praying for your eye sight! Hugs C