Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pink Girls outfit

My visit to the sewing room today began with figuring out what to do with a yard of left over fabric from the pink size 46 shorts from last night? I knew there would be nothing I could think of to make for adults that would only take a yard - so what could I do?????

Well, I happened to run across some children's patterns that I had been scrounging up on when ever I was at the thrift stores & the were sizes 3,4 & 5. To preserve the original patterns I started to copy them onto my soil control -which can take a beating much better than the pattern tissue papers.

Then all of a sudden a white packet fell out into my lap - AND- low & behold Somebody else had already done it! I was tickled to death. If I knew who they were I would have hugged their neck. I liked this white stuff they had used too. So , now I had my tools & I started measuring to see what I could get out of it.

Well, I worked very hard all afternoon trying to do my very best I put a lettuce edge on the shirt sleeves and waiste & on the legs of the shorts.

I added embroidery to the little shirt to spiff it up. When I had started I was aiming at size 4 because their is one great grand daughter & my daughter-in-law told me that she was in size 3 so by Christmas maybe size 4?Wellllllllllll - it turned out that the fabric is so stretchy that I was now betting a size 4 even though I had cut out size 3.  So, I started to remeasure everything.

And , much to my puzzlement  -the sizes did not agree -SOOOOO - I have an outfit that is anywhere from a size 4 to a size 6???????

Pooh! It seems I Always get myself in trouble. I had hoped that I might run this outfit on Ebay to see if there was any interest - but that is not possible if I cannot nail down what size it really is. It is deliciously Soft & so lightweight - almost like a feather. It has all of these nice qualities except for the real size .

This was another one of my daydreams of finding a way to eventually support myself .But ?????

Other than that my day was beautiful . I got 6 bundles of tree litter raked & put in the wood stove-3 for the morning -just to hold the fire & 3 for tonight -since it is so very warm. Plus, the ground where I have raked looks so grateful to have a clean slate. I will be glad when I get to the house . There are a lot of branches scattered all around that like to play tricks with me & try to trip me up. Good Lord willing - I will get to there soon.

I fixed us a broccoli & noodles dish for supper , but it did not fill DH up so he fixed himself some eggs & baloney & then he had me make him some brownies. Not exactly the most healthy dessert- that sweet tooth likes to get us in trouble.


  1. What a cute outfit. I am sure you could put it on Ebay as a 4-6 size.... Pleased you had a nice day.

  2. what an adorable lil outfit... Super cute I am sure you can sell it alot of sizes run SMALL 4-6

  3. Hi Linda! I have had to start a new blog...I can't get into my old blog. :( Please come see me at my new blog when you can!
    http://followjesuschristalone.blogspot.com/ I even had to rejoin you as a follower! Don't want to miss out on anything you share! ♥♥♥