Monday, March 19, 2012

Kat's Pink Shimmer Shorts

Well , here I am once again -starting out with a flat piece of fabric.I really like this piece of cotton knit mix with a tad of latex . I am hoping that the latex will help prevent wrinkles from pressing themselves in when the wearer sits.I hate it when wrinkles settle in & just make the garment look so unkept. Plus , this has a light dusting of silver sprinkles on it - so I will not have to ponder which is the front , since some knits really do trick me.

Yes, I have tackled a lot of different lessons on this project-even redrawing the pattern -after I had cut this one out. I discovered that I really Love this fabric -it is SO soft & SO light weight that you can barely feel it on your skin.

One thing I will change on the next project is I will not topstitch the pockets. Something about this fabric just did not work for the best of the shorts. Another thing Is the pockets are much too long on the sides-they almost run the length of the shorts.

I did learn that MrJanome  is such a delight - it stitched out that design on this lightweight fabric like it was nothing. While I was stitching it out - I thought maybe this would be a project that I could run on E-bay to see if it might sell. It is a size 46 & I pondered IF I might could find a "nitch" of sewing large sizes. I have noticed that there are kinda a shortage of a variety of large size clothes in the stores? I also noticed what I had seen had Strips going around the body on the large sizes - like they were "accenting" the large clothes . I did not like what I saw.

Let's face it - gals are gals no matter what size we are & we all like to look our best & "accent" our positive qualities as best we can - not point to our tummies like we are advertising them.

Well, this might not be the "perfect "project to see if it would sell? I am still looking for that way to work from home - but I need the perfect project?? ? ? ?

But , on the bright side today was a Perfectly beautiful day! I got all of my chores accomplished - I got all of those 4 loads of tree branches raked & put in the stove  & I even got my walk in this afternoon when I went to gather the eggs.

So, I can say that it truly was a Perfect day.


  1. I am so glad you had a wonderful day my friend!
    The shorts are very pretty too.
    Why even bother with pockets? I wouldn't want pockets in me shorts for sure.
    You are right about bigger sizes and stripes! I saw a really nice larger size dress the other day, blue and white... but the stripes were horizontal! Hideous!

  2. Love the pink shorts great idea for ebay. Hope you manage it