Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maybe Tomorrow

Hi gang,So
It was another one of those days that just seemed to run off & leave me. The morning started off nice-getting the chores accomplished successfully & enjoying a morning too beautiful to believe. The sun was out & the weather was so warm & easy to work in.

I even got the broom rake & worked on another small area -then raking it all up & putting it in the woodstove until I had it full. All of these scraps of tree branches & walnut  twigs kept the stove all day long. DH came & hollered for me to come get ready to go. We were leaving an hour early to stop at the Humane Society store (place where volunteers sell donated items to help the animals in need)

DH found a used laptop fan for this nice used laptop I am learning how to use. Of course it plugs into the USB port - and I need that space for the flashdrive thingy(like my technical jargon)So that is something new to figure out.

We did find a nice used answering machine -so will hope to see if that works. We were very pleased. Then it was time for my counseling session- boy did I need that. My angel was there to help me decipher the events of my life these last two weeks.To gain insight & learn from it all.Some people just give from themselves to help others along the way & isn't that the job of an angel.

Then we stopped & got gas & cat food & shavings to clean cages with on Friday. I did get my laundry hung out this morning & then carried it in at dark,when we arrived home. It was a blessing to have a full moon
to see by. I locked the chickens up  & then my daughter in law #1 called & said she had heard that DH was coming to her house tomorrow to work on our vehicles & wondered if he would  bring them to her. I told her that we always had to wait to see how he would feel  first -then if he could not make it she would come get them. When I locked them up & told them good night I realized that I had got too attached to them & this would hurt.  We did look at some baby chicks today but they were not the same breeds as hers . I would normally not pick that breed because I have always loved the small -brightly colored bantams - but mine always quit laying during the winter-time & I have to wait till Spring for eggs once again. Also bantams make wonderful mothers-but along the way they like to sit on Any egg during the summer & they quit laying to hatch their babies. These sweet red sex-link chickens have laid all Winter long & they do not sit on eggs -so your eggs do not get ruined.Plus, if I am going to get too attached to them -they might as well be mine.LOL

So , tomorrow if DH gets to go to our son's house to work on the vehicles I have high hopes thata I can do chores , clean our floors because they are crudy -then my desire is to head to the sewing room & get introduced to Mr. Janome the embroidery machine.Hope,hope, hope!
Love to all

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