Thursday, March 8, 2012

Highlight of my Week

You know that old saying about when trouble comes - it comes in bunches?Well that is what has happened to me & I am just starting to fight my way to the surface.Last Wensday our car broke down & I had to order almost 300.00 in parts & put that on the credit card that I have been FIGHTING so hard to bring down. My heart broke.

Then on Friday the truck broke down Then on Sat., Sun. & Monday  the grandkids helped DH work on the truck in the really bad COLD. To  make a long story short -DH ended up having to repull the motor & fix what had got over looked after all that work  & we are hoping it will be able to go back to work this afternoon?

O Sat. & Sun. the house was full of kids & me cooking & doing dishes & playing with that cute baby. I was bushed . I think I punished myself on Mon. by working  outdoors in the cold just like DH was doing & I accomplished a LOT! I was pleased -but I paid for it that night. I ended up taking sinus medicine where the dust had blocked me up. I collasped in bed early -8 pm I think. But, my guardian angels woke me at 1:30 AM so I went back out & filled the wood stove back up & came back & went to bed again & the howling of the winds rocked me to sleep.

Since I had broke my heart with that dumb credit card I went nuts & got an embroidery machine on E-bay & a Used laptop computer & a used desktop computer to get the house back in order. I needed the desktop where I had the kitchen tore all to pieces from working on the main computer that had died. It took me two days to get the next one installed & get it in shape to do some work.

Then it turned out that the laptop & the new used embroidery machine were suppose to be delivered , but our mail people don't blow or come to the house so we received one of those notes that we could come pick them up! Yea- right -with no working vehicles ???? So, I called the post office & scheduled it to be re-delivered. It ended up the the person called DH & agreed to meet him at the road -with his tractor. I couldn't help but think what a pain this had turned into. IF it had been delivered by FedX or UPS there would have been no problem at all - delivered right to the door & now that I am getting older - that is a life-saver!

I had just completed work on the main computer & was happy with it -especially for 19.99 -so now I moved onto the lapto- yep that took me all of that day to figure out.Gosh that was "trying" but I finally accomplished my goal & left it in DH's lap playing his card game-which is what I mainly wanted it for . Next I headed into the sewing room to take down that dumb BrotherPE-700II- - -BUT'----I just could not help myself- I had to put it back together where DS2 had left it after he had pulled those jammed threads out. Then I could not contain myself to try ONE LAST time to complete that shirt I had started when all of this Misery had started! It was an hours worth of work -but I finally got it all lined up & pushed that dumb button. OF course the machine fussed at me & broke threads about every 5 stitches. I was so MAD at it I had steam coming from my ears. Three years & three dealers & still fighting the same battle. IT took me a couple of hours but I did get it semi-finished -enough that I called it QUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the LAST design that this dumb machine will EVER sew out for me. I yanked that panel out & loaded that demon machine up in one of the boxes with all kind of stuffing & packing!  Good riddance to bad rubbish is how I feel about it.!It is banished to the couch until such a time that I can find A Different Dealer to take this thing to to get it fixed & sell the darn thing? I feel horrible just thinking that because I would never unload this thing on any other person  - if it is not fixed? So far all of the dealers have wanted to blame it on me - the customer.

But by that time - the sewing computer was screaming at me that it was stopped up with dust , since it had been a year since I had cleaned the fans. I just turned the thing off intending to work on that today.I went to bed at 2AM -but was awakened at 4:30 AM with a horrible pain in my right side up high. It was excruciating. I tried to just sleep through it ,but that would not be the case. It was a gallbladder attach & it was rough. I finally got up & went outdoors .

One of the nice things about doing that was that I got to see some of the solar  flare they had been talking about on the news. I cannot find words to describe it but it was awesome. I fought through the pain & did all of the outdoor chores & fed the stove.

I have been at it all morning & am about to fall out of my chair from lack of sleep. I did take the sewing computer apart & clean it out so now it is a happy-puter-no noise! So, that is the reasons that I just fell off the face of the earth - what have you guys been doing for FUN?


  1. Good for you Linda, there's nothing like a little shopping to cheer us girls up and new embroidery machines and computers are fun shopping. I hope they all work perfectly for you. You deserve it.

  2. Oh Dear Linda! What a terrible week you've had!!! I pray that this will all be over now, and you can have double blessings for the next year!!! So happy you have a new embroider machine! Kick the old one for me! LOL