Sunday, March 25, 2012

DH's V-neck tee

Did I not say that my camera is going nuts on me? I guess I work everything to death?????
This day was dark & dreary outside -but I got to spend an afternoon in my sewing room where the "Happy Seamstress " plays .

This is the one shirt I will not even think of parting with because it will be for DH- for Christmas unless his cancer seems to be out of hand & then I would give it to him while he still feels good enough to enjoy it. Even though you cannot tell it , this one has the V-neck because he cannot stand anything to touch his neck lately . I wish the picture had not turned out so flunky( I tried twice) because I like the black & white camo color.

I have even worked on making a pattern in size 4 for the toddlers . I am hoping to use the left-over fabric from these two t-shirts  for the little boys. I remember when all 3 of mine were little I had a  hard time finding clothes for my little boys and for some reason you could find little girls clothes everywhere -all nice and cute.

I hope you have had a lovely day to start off your new week.
Love, Linda

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  1. Very nice shirt Linda! I pray that you can give it to hubby at Christmas time! You stay so busy and productive. I need to get a fire under my behind~ :) ♥♥♥